Zinedine Zidane met with the press and talked about different things. French coach said that team is ready to face Real Betis in La Liga.

Few words about Saturday’s clash

Zidane noted that Real Betis is a very good opponent. They have good conditions in La Liga and it’s visible in the last few games. Keep in mind that Real Betis has a good run. For instance, Atletico Madrid dropped the last two points exactly against Real Betis in Seville. Betis players know how to defend and attack at the same time. Zidane noted that management learned everything about the tactics and training routine of Betis. French coach admitted that Real Madrid needs to win the game to stay in the competition. As you may know, Los Blancos is now the third club in La Liga for the race of La Liga title.


About Zidane’s future

One of the journalists asked Zidane about his future. Real Madrid’s coach said that he is not thinking about the future. He noted that mostly he is concerned about the daily routine and training that team has. It’s the most important factor at this moment, so Zidane does not have enough time to observe the futuristic decision. French coach admitted that the only thing matters is La Liga and Champions League competition, nothing more. He will talk about the future in the summer when both competitions will be over.


Squad against Real Betis

Zidane said that season is very strange. There are many injuries and even more covid-positive players who do not give a good break to Zidane. French coach said that before every match, he has to change the plans and perform differently because some of the players get injuries or positive covid-test results. He said that team is getting back in action fully. The team coach noted that Ramos and Eden will be included in the list but he is not going to force them to play from the very first minute. Keep in mind that both players need more time to adapt to the real schedule.