Real Madrid made a little miracle in Germany. In the last four minutes, Los Blancos scored two goals and made a perfect come-back.

Tough situation when you’re done 2-0;

Zidane said that Real Madrid was down with two goals and it was a tough situation. French coach noted that in the Champions League, conceding one goal is very tough and getting two goals without scoring is even tougher. Los Blancos coach believed that they did everything perfectly in the end of the match. Zidane is happy that the Real Madrid squad has shown character in the end. Zinedine Zidane is not happy with the 1 point but that’s acceptable for him. 

Real Madrid is looking for progress

Zinedine Zidane noted that team players will do everything for progress. French coach mentioned bad 4 days. Los Blancos lost the match against Cadiz and Shakhtar. Zidane noted that the team is trying to improve this week, so the big win on Saturday and come-back against Monchengladbach is a good sign. 

Eden Hazard’s performance

French coach mentioned Hazard during the press-conference. COach said that Hazard needs to be improved every match. It was Belgian’s first match after a return from the injury. Eden Hazard could not play due to hamstring injury. Zidane said that Eden will get more minutes in every match. Real Madrid’s management wants to see Eden Hazard back in perfect shape.

Not the result that Zidane desired

Zinedine Zidane noted that a draw is not something Real Madrid wanted. Coach said that they wanted to win as home-loss against Shakhtar made them in a tough situation. Now Zidane wants to win against Inter Milan in Madrid. Zidane said that Los Blancos squad has shown character, so if they continue playing in this manner, they will win many matches.