Before the away match against Levante, the Real Madrid coach met with the press. Journalists asked him questions regarding transfers and upcoming matches.

Looking at everything in a positive prism

Zinedine Zidane was in a positive mood during the press meeting. The coach said that everything is ok with the squad and the team is trying to get better on every training day. Zidane noted that negative thinking has no place at Real Madrid. Team has only positive vibes. At the same time, the injury stuff is very frustrating but it’s part of the game.

Third away match in La Liga

As you know, Levante will play against Los Blancos on Sunday evening. It’s the third away match in four rounds for Real Madrid. Zidane said that for the third away match, they are prepared well. French coach is happy with the current squad and preparation. He said that every away match has a big test on each player. Everyone who will get minutes to play against Levante has to give his 100%. Zidane said that last season demonstrated how hard it is to win away matches in La Liga, especially without the main attacking players.

Rotation of the squad

It’s not a big secret that Zidane loves rotating squads. He may have chosen a perfect eleven for big matches but for regular La Liga matches, Zidane is always rotating. Last season, every pitch-player scored a goal except Militao. It means that everyone has equal time and chance from Zidane. Last season the team won La Liga by team-work and rotation. Journalists asked him about the rotation and Zidane had a smile on his face. Coach noted that rotation is the part of the game because every footballer’s body needs rest for a while. 

Asensio is 100% fit and ready for big matches

As it seems, Spanish midfielder Asensio is ready to score again. Zidane said that Marco is 100% ready for big matches and he is a very straightforward player. Coach said that the player understands football very well and performs the given tasks very well. He is ready to score and give lots of assists. Zidane believes that Asensio will have a perfect season.