Zinedine Zidane met with media representatives after the game. Coach was not happy with the draw because Real Madrid dropped two important points.

Team was trying to score second goal

Zidane said that Real Madrid players were trying to score a second goal. The French coach is happy because Los Blanco has shown potential for getting three points. Keep in mind that Los Blancos had many moments in the second half and those chances were real. That’s why Zidane was a bit satisfied. He said that Real Madrid tried but failed. If a team could score a goal before the penalty, it would be an easy and relaxed moment for Madrid.

Dropping two points

Zinedine noted that dropping two points is very painful. At the same time, the coach added that every team drops points and it will be time when Barca or Atletico will get a bad run. The Real Madrid coach said that there is also a little positive. Team was trying a lot and it’s a good sign that the team has shown the nature of fighters.

What was missing?

Journalists asked Zidane about the missing point. He said that only the second goal was missing from Real Madrid. It was visible that Los Blancos was ready for a second goal even in the first half. Unfortunately the team could not give two-goals lead before the penalty of Elche and that’s why everything went bad.