Zinedine Zidane was proud of the team after a big win. Real Madrid defeated Barcelona for a second time in this season.

Team in the limits

Zidane said that the team is in the limit of the players. As you may know, Lucas Vazqeuz could not finish the first half. He got injured during the moment against Busquets. Spanish midfielder played very rough against Vazquez. Lucas could not finish the first half, at the same time he had a chance to increase Real Madrid’s lead to three goals. Zidane said that Real Madrid players are injured and they are on the edge of big problems. French coach admitted that he has no plan how to act properly in this situation. The only certain thing for Zidane is that the team can play well and they have to enjoy their current win. Zidane said that the team has to think and work in the present moment and don’t’ think about upcoming issues in La liga or Champions League.


Valverde as a fifth midfielder

Zinedine admitted that everything was planned from a very start. He noted that the management team knew Barcelona very well. That’s why they added Valverde as a fifth midfielder. Federico is physically strong and very fast to create big gaps between the lines of Barcelona’s defense and midfield. Zidane admitted that Valverde could create big space for Real Madrid midfielders. The first goal was made because of the space Valverde created in the midfield.


Performance of Vini and Benzema

French coach said that he is very proud of both players. Team was very good in the first half and could score more goals. At the same time, Zidane is proud and confident that both players can recover normally before the clash against Liverpool. Keep in mind that Real Madrid has to play second-leg of the CL ¼ finals against Liverpool on Wednesday.