Zinedine Zidane met with the press after the game. It was one of the toughest games for Real Madrid this season.

Who is responsible for the exit from Copa?

Zidane said that he is the coach and responsible for the results. Journalists asked him whether coaching career at Real Madrid is in danger? Zidane was not impressed by the questions. French coach said that he will accept all types of decisions from the management of Los Blancos. Zinedine noted that the team tried everything to win the game. They had more than 10 shots on target but players could not convert regular shots into the goals. It was a rough game for Zidane because they lost the chance of winning another trophy. Keep in mind that Real Madrid exited from the second title in just six days. Team lost the game against Athletic Bilbao exactly six days ago and yesterday night, Real Madrid lost the game for the Copa Del Rey title.

Long season for Zidane

The French coach noted that there is a very long season ahead. Real Madrid is still in the race for the La Liga trophy and Champions league title. Zinedine said that they want to win both titles and they already know that it’s hard. Zidane also added that players have full faith in the coaching staff. At the same time, he noted that journalists still have to ask about it to players. 

Every defeat is painful

Zidane said that every defeat is painful. At the same time, Zidane noted that he is always calm. No matter what happens, you have to stay calm and keep working harder than before.