Dana is back with another episode of the “Goal Post”. She will review the matches of the round 7, Premier League.

Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal

First time since 2006, Arsenal could win a away match against Manchester United. In those times when Arsenal won the match against MU at Old Trafford, Thierry Henry and other former stars were playing. Main star of MU was Cristiano Ronaldo and others.

Mikel Arteta started the match with three attacking players. Aubameyang, Willian and Lacazette were main strikers. They played a main role in scoring goals against MU. Along with these attacking front, Partey played high-level games. Even the Manchester United former star, Roy Keane said that Partey is different. MU’s legend said that Thomas is someone who can play as Patrik Vieira. Along with Arsenal’s attack, Ole had a different approach. Rashford and Greenwood were playing in the attacking line. Brunod Fernandes was helping those two strikers from deep midfield.

Manchester United played well but they only had two shots on target. Fans were not happy with the attacking line as they could not create scoring chances. Arsenal scored the goal by the end of the match. Aubameyang scored the goal and gave three points to the Gunners. MU is in the 15th position with just seven points in six games.

Liverpool 2-1 West Ham

Klopp started match with three main attackers. Mane, Salah and Firmino played well but they could not make a big impact. West Ham opened the score and they had the lead for a few minutes. Soon, the referee whistled and pointed to the penalty spot. Mo Salah scored the penalty and it was a perfect equalizer.

German coach could make an impact on the attacking line. Liverpool was trying hard to score the goal but they missed many chances. By the end of the match, Jota and Shaqiri entered the field. First of all, Jota scored the goal but it was not allowed. VAR checked and there was a foul before the goal. By the end of the match, Liverpool could score the goal. Shaqiri gave a pass to Jota and Portuguese scored again. Liverpool won the match 2-1

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