Zlatan Ibrahimovic says that he would like to join his former club, Manchester United after his contract in LA Galaxy comes to an end in November.


Ibrahimovic has scored 46 goals in the 49 games after moving to LA Galaxy in March 2018. While at Old Trafford, the 37-year-old striker scored 28 goals in his debut 2016/2017 season before suffering a knee injury.

The Swede still has a passion for playing in the Old Trafford. He said, “I could play easily in the Premier League, so if United needs me, I’m here.”

His time in Manchester United was very promising with titles and fantastic goals. He used to appear in the first 11 squads both in the premier league and UEFA champions league.

Zlatan’s Advice

The Swede revealed his follow up on Manchester United even though he plays for LA Galaxy. The player watches United’s games. He believes that Manchester was only unlucky in the last game against Crystal Palace.

“I saw the last game and I think they were unlucky. If they scored the penalty it would be a different game. Luckily, a game in England is not finished until it’s finished. Anything happens. Especially in the last minutes where everything is in the heat of the moment,” he said.

The player did not hesitate to reveal his constant communication with the United’s midfielder, Paul Pogba. “I speak to him. A lot of advice I give – but nothing I share with you!” Ibrahimovic added.

Antonio Martial covers Ibrahimovic position in Manchester United. Despite this, his presence during UEFA games will remain important.

Suppose Ibrahimovic featured in the squad, United would have scored all the penalties missed so far. Solskjaer is missing a compassionate player like Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

However, Ibrahimovic will not be able to play for United until January when the transfer window re-opens. Nevertheless, his two-year contract in LA Galaxy was terminated earlier as a mutual consent to allow him to move to the United States.

What next

Ibrahimovic can be a good potential for Manchester United to regain its lost momentum since Sir Alex retired. This is because Ibrahimovic will not only play but also support Solskjaer management. His experience in Ajax, Inter, Ac Milan and PSG can lead United to the next level.