Zvonimir Boban confirms open struggle with CEO Ivan Gazidis. “Until a few days ago, I thought it was true that there were not two souls within.”

Boban about the chaotic situation at San Siro

Former Milan Chief Football Officer Zvonimir Boban has lashed out at his former club director and Chief Executive Officer Ivan Gazidis. The following dismissal on Saturday, comparing the chaotic situation at San Siro with a North Korean dictatorship. In Lombardy, something like a civil war was brewing. At the same time, the CEO Gazidis, it would seem, became too active in the club’s sports side. Which was supposed to be under the direction of Boban and colleagues of the club legend Paolo Maldini. Recently, Gazidis switched to the services of Ralf Rangnick, an experienced manager with a track record, making shred signatures and turning them into stars. At the same time, the German is currently the head of sports and development of the parent organization of Red Bull GmbH – RB Leipzig.

Dictatorship at AC Milan

According to reports, Rangnick will gain complete control over the club’s sports side. Something Gazidis pushed so hard to take Arsene Wenger from his ill-fated time at Arsenal. Mostly acting as a coach, technical director, and chief scout. Zvonimir was furious with the actions of Gazidis, while the whole deal to deliver Rangnick to Italy, it would seem, took place both behind his back and behind Maldini and recently broadcast his insults in an interview with reporters.”Until a few days ago, I did not think that it was true that there were two souls within Milan,” said the 51-year-old specialist, “although taking into account all the thousands of initial difficulties, cultural differences and completely different passions for the Rossoneri case.

“Even to warn us was disrespectful and inelegant. It was not a Milanese style. At least, not what we remembered Milanese style as being.”Zvonimir has since received his books from the PowerPoint guard Gazidis, and the Croatian rolled back to his former boss, telling reporters: “I did not know that we were in such a dictatorship as North Korea.”My interview was legally flawless, and it came after many questions, and the requirements of internal clarifications remained unanswered.”Boban added:” They closed the deal with Rangnick in December.”I can wish him all the best of luck in the world, but they should have told me about this. I deserved to be informed about this initiative.”